Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mind Chatter: 13 Miles

Marathon training is going fine. 184 miles done. 204 miles to go.

Mile 1. I didn't email her back. Wonder if I should have done that project first. Be dark if I wait. Stiff feet. Jim always tells me: more warm up. Maybe new shoes. Under-dressed. Wind. Love this high collar. Toes numb.

Mile 2. I'm never gonna do this. Heart is soaring. Is my Garmin working right? It can't be working right. Legs are heavy. I thought those squats were gonna help. I shouldn't have swam last night. Feet. Stiff.

Mile 3. Feet. Got feeling. Gotta remember: mile three, feel better.

Mile 4. What, only mile 4? Wanna turn around. Can I do this?

Mile 5. Into wind - I didn't realize. Sweaty gloves back on. Birds cheering me? Crows. My supporters. Right.

Mile 6. Not even half way. That route to the right? A hill. Oh. Missed the turn. This route. You're ok. Salty wind.

Mile 7. Orange, eat. Two slices. Breath. Pace. Warmed up. This is good.

Mile 8. I wonder which of my swim students will be there tonight? Did I really cover that drill ok last night? What if I showed them that DVD. How many more lessons? Maybe more core work. That core work at the gym is good. I should try those lunges.

Mile 9. Nine. Nine. Nine.

Mile 10. I can do this. Pace. Sip. Patience.You can do this.

Mile 11. You're gonna do this. Hey, hip's ok. Those squats must be helping. You can do this.

Mile 12. This gravel feels soft. MacDonald's trash. That driver - she looked like me. Me in a different life? There was a kid. What if I had a 10-year-old kid like her? She didn't cut off her hair like I did. I remember being in my 30s like her. She looked so young. Would I have been a better runner in my 30s? You're gonna do this.

Mile 13. Am I tired? I think I'm tired. What a nice day. What if I had to run 14? You're ok. You did it. Next week, 14 miles.