Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A White, Dusty Christmas

Work gets slow around the holidays so we planned our long-put-off remodel for the weeks around Christmas.

We had the good fortune to have mild weather and no snow; the workmen tramped in and out hauling heavy, dusty things but no snow. Windows and doors were propped open. The 50-foot roll of dust-blocking plastic wall (that I had thought was entirely excessive) was entirely used.

This was my only (forever) foray into the land of remodel. Good points: I learned I can remove a toilet, tear out floors, paint and stain like my life depends on it. The bad things: it's dustier and more upsetting to the routines of life than I could have imagined. I couldn't cook, use a toilet, or find an unsullied surface.

Here's the photo journey. I sneeze just looking at the picts.

Before: bottlenecks, sagging floors, bowed walls.
 Table yet to come.

After: open spaces, level floor, harmony.