Friday, November 19, 2010


I couldn't find a
photo of a mean
black lab, but
this guy looks
like he just took
a bite out of
Ever used pepper spray on a critter? 

A week ago I was knocked down by a big black lab. I was laboring (I'd call it running, but I'm more realistic) up a hill. Such an easy target. The bruise on my butt is witness to either teeth or claws. In the movie-moment of getting hit--or attacked?--I was aware only of something sharp and my own scream. I toppled like the statue of Saddam Hussein: straight body, landing hard on my crooked arms. Thought I broke an elbow. From me, as I lay on my back on the cold asphalt, "give me a minute, give me a minute." From the dog owner, "oh my god, oh-my-god, are you ok?" and "bad dog."
This run is in Baraboo,
Wisconsin on December 4, 2010.
See you there.

Well, I'm fine. Just a rainbow bruise on the butt  (only a few girls at the pool got to see the psychedelic buttocks) and a scratched up elbow (amazing what ice can do). And since then the dog owner--really a very kind person and a former mail delivery person who's bane has been out-of-control dogs--gave me a bottle of pepper spray with instructions to use it on her dog if needed.

I ran a different route this week.

Strangely, I've just designed a poster for a Sauk County Humane Society fundraiser run. Dogs and running--sometimes things just collide.


  1. My "run in" with two loose dogs wasn't met with a helpful owner, and I ended up with teethmarks into my upper thigh and blood running freely. The follow-up is a longer story than that, but let's say justice was not served and I don't feel safe, and those dogs still run free. I have since used pepper spray on overly-aggressive, barking dogs that chased me. No more second chances here. --Alex

  2. Wow - a loose, aggressive dog is mahem and dangerous! What a terrible experience you had! I've yet to try out the pepper spray but already wished for it on a different route. I hear it's effective.

    I've been chased several times on bike; I'm not sure I'd have the coordination to bike and spray, but there are moments of real fear when a dog is at my heal. Meanwhile I growl and shout and bike real fast!