Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big Breakfast

An orange at 5:30.
Just three days into the two-week distance-swim challenge put on by the US Masters Swimming-Wisconsin, and I'm caught off guard by my breakfast appetite. Morning laps was a 20-minute thing before yoga, easily handled by an orange before and a bowl of something after.

I've upped the time to an hour of laps each of these past three days; I'm a slow swimmer so that represents about 1.5 miles or 2,400 meters each day. The 60-calorie pre-swim orange isn't cutting it. With nine days to go I better get cooking. Now where are those beets?

(Last year's statewide Wisconsin Water Warriors results: http://www.swim-wimasters.org/2009+Water+Warriors+Results.pdf)

Calories Burned Calculator
Estimate the calories you burned swimming:

If this calculator is giving you trouble, try: http://www.everydayhealth.com/calories-burned-swimming.htm

Swimming can help with cardiovascular disease prevention.

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