Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hunting Miles

Can't ride it, so clean it.
Opening day of deer hunting season and the outdoors belongs the blaze team. I see orange spots in the grey horizon; I wince when I hear a shot and leave the bike at home.

But I still need 23 miles to get my November 100 outdoor bike miles.


  1. It was opening season for deer here last weekend, and I was running through the woods on a trail. I hear they take 90 percent of what they'll take that seasons on that weekend. Anyway, wise choice. Love the "Left of the blue wall!" --Alex

  2. Scary run - was that why you are so fast? :)

    I drove to yoga class and couldn't count the trucks parked in woodside ditches. This foggy morning leaves me nervous even in my house.

    That "blue wall" study fascinates me.