Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things My Podiatrist Told Me

My heavy-duty, hand-made, anti-pronation
orthotics when new.

Marathon selected, check.

Running plan* established, check.

Gear ready--almost.

Met my podiatrist this week, my one-year-old orthotics in hand--well, in shoe. I figured it was time for a new pair. Our talk boiled down to this, "are you doing ok?" "Yep." "Assymptomatic**?" "Yep." "We'll make new orthotics if you really want, but there's not much reason to change." "Oh."

My second set of orthotics, with two
half-marathons' wear.

That was easy. Then we talked swimming.

Twenty-four days into marathon training: 42 miles run, 401 to go.

A slice of my 2009 MRI.

*I use the Smart Coach feature on for a custom running plan.

**Two years ago I had stress fractures in my tibias, crutches for months.

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